About Us

While we first opened our doors in 1987, our story begins nearly a decade earlier in a small home in Oklahoma City. We began taking in alterations and quickly built a loyal following. Soon we were sought out by upscale boutiques across the city for their own customers. Those customers were the foundation of a demanding clientele with needs beyond alterations. For that clientele we began producing custom prom, pageant, and special occasion dresses.

The popularity of those custom prom and pageant dresses allowed us to open our first store. In those early years virtually every prom, pageant, and bridal dress sold was designed and produced in that store. Our work was featured and covered in local newspapers and on television. This tremendous exposure expanded our clientele even more and we grew quickly.

Despite our growing reputation, we knew we needed to fully support and guarantee the quality of our work. We included complimentary alterations with all of our dresses and since custom designed dresses can be prohibitively expensive, we also offered a very generous layaway plan. While we no longer produce custom designed dresses, we still provide complimentary alterations and a generous layaway plan 26 years later. In fact, the seamstresses that produced those celebrated dresses so long ago are the very same seamstresses performing your alterations today.

We'd like to thank all of those loyal customers going back 35 years to that little house in Oklahoma City and the past 26 years since that very first store. We've been a part of countless special occasions and look forward to being a part of many more.