Bridal Appointment Request




    • You may also call us at 405.631.1927 to request an appointment. 
    • FOR SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS: You must call us @ 405.631.1927
    • This is only a request. The appointment is not valid until followed by a confirmation email. You may receive a phone call to verify information.
    • In your email confirmation, there will be a link to cancel or reschedule your appointment online. Brides failing to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of their appointment will have all future online appointment requests denied.
    • If the date in which you would like an appointment is booked you may check back or you may call the day before or the day of in the event of any cancellations.
    • Our new bridal gowns range from $800-$2,500 with most in the middle of that range. 
    • We do, on occasion, have gowns discounted or on sale below that range. Please visit us to view those gowns. Appointments are not required for sale or discounted gowns. 
    • We do accept walk-ins if a room and consultant is available.
    • Please fill out the request form truthfully and completely. Providing honest answers will enable us to provide you with the best experience possible.
    • Providing your budget range is required. Knowing your budget allows us to narrow down your options before you arrive, making for a more productive and efficient experience. We respect your budget and will never place you in a dress above your range in the hopes you fall in love and exceed your budget. Of course, if you wish to try on a dress above your budget we will happily oblige.
    • Providing your event date is required. Special order wedding gowns may take up to 6 months to arrive. If your event date is well under that range, we can better suggest options we know will arrive in time or perhaps purchasing off the rack. Knowing your event date allows us to narrow down your options before you arrive, making for a more productive and efficient experience. An exact date is not necessary, just a good guess is fine.
    • We do require that you actually be engaged. We reserve the right to refuse appointments to anyone who merely wants to try on gowns for fun. This may seem obvious, but we've had more than a few "brides" schedule appointments without actually being engaged or even in a relationship. We do not allow anyone to try on our wedding gowns if they are not engaged.
    • We do welcome well-behaved, well-supervised children but please limit the number of children for obvious reasons. There may be another bridal party enjoying their own appointment.
    • By requesting an online bridal appointment you confirm you have read all of the above and agree to all terms.

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