Are you an authorized retailer of the designers you stock?

Pomp & Pageantry is an authorized retailer of every designer we stock in-store and online.

What is Prom Dress Registration?

Please let us know the name of your school or event and we won't sell your dress to anyone else at your school or event. We can't guarantee they won't buy it elsewhere, but it won't be from us. We will not disclose your purchase by name to anyone at your school or event, only that it's been sold and restricted.
Are the dresses you sell online in new or used condition?
Unless stated otherwise, every item we stock online is brand new and ordered direct from the designer specifically for you. It is carefully inspected upon arrival from the designer. It is placed on a mannequin and photographed. It is then re-packed and shipped to you with the original tags and packaging. We guarantee your dress has never been on our sales floor or worn by anyone else.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Bridal gowns take anywhere from 16 to 24 weeks to ship from the designer but can arrive much faster. Prom dresses can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 weeks, but again can arrive much faster. Jewelry, shoes, and accessories will take about two weeks but can also arrive much faster.  After we receive your order, we'll contact the designer and then notify you of the expected ship date and arrival date. Expect added time from when we receive your gown from the designer and the time your gown arrives from us. We will provide you with tracking #'s when your items ship.
Shipping method takes place from the date your order is ready to ship, not from the date that you have placed the order.
What is my Wear Date?
Your Wear Date is the date of your wedding or event. It is not the date your dress or gown will arrive. Our Wear Date selector automatically blocks out the minimum amount of time required to receive your item and the amount of time for us to ship that gown to you as well as the amount of time you'll need for alterations. Again, those ship dates may be much faster so if you need your item under the minimum time required, just email us with your wear date and the dress you're interested in purchasing. We'll contact the designer directly and let you know your options.
Other websites post much shorter delivery times than you. Why do your dresses take so much longer to arrive?
Our special order dresses and merchandise do not take any longer to arrive than from any other retailer's special order dresses and merchandise. However, after nearly 30 years in business we have seen dresses arrive later than the designer has stated. This is usually due to overseas production, shipping, and customs delays. While this is rare it does happen and we do not wish to advertise the best scenario but to err on the side of caution. As such, we add a few weeks or more to the Wear Date Picker as a buffer just in case. We've also accounted for the time required for us to then ship to you and holidays. Again, if you need your dress much sooner just message us with your wear date and dress of interest.
What if my item is unavailable from the designer or won't arrive by my wear date? How long will it take to refund my money?
If your item is unavailable or will not arrive by your wear date we will contact you immediately and discuss your options. If you do not wish to proceed with your purchase, we will release your funds.
Unlike most online retailers, we do not charge your card when you submit your purchase. We place a hold on the amount just as a hotel or restaurant and then only complete the sale with your final approval. The difference can be substantial. A hold should only require a few days at the most to release and a refund may take several days or weeks depending on your financial institution.
However, if you're using a pre-paid debit card, the full amount will be charged. This is due to the particular nature of use regarding pre-paid debit cards. This is beyond our control and we discourage its use and encourage the use of a credit card or bank issued debit card which often provide better protections and faster processing of holds and refunds.