Our Complimentary Alterations

Our complimentary alterations have been a hallmark of our boutique for over 26 years. We first provided this amenity to guarantee the quality of our dresses which were all designed and produced in our boutique. We still provide complimentary alterations 26 years later to insure our clients receive the perfect fit for their perfect dress without incurring an additional expense on an already considerable purchase. This amenity, along with our generous layaway plan, has allowed countless young ladies to have the perfect dress of their dreams.

This amenity also receives the most inquiries and is the most challenging to offer. As we've grown, the demand for this amenity has grown. While we were once able to offer this amenity much more casually, we now must clarify our services and reinforce longstanding policies. 

We guarantee the quality of our work but to accommodate all of our clientele in a timely manner and at a high level of quality, there are guidelines.


Our Terms

  • Our alterations are complimentary but they are not free.  
    While there is no charge for alterations, they are not free. To say they are free implies they have no value, when they are of an exceptional value. 
  • Our complimentary alterations are not included in the purchase price. 
  • This has always been the case, since the very beginning.
  • It is an amenity we provide at our own expense and time.
  • It is an amenity we provide above and beyond your purchase.
  • We provide this amenity to ensure our clients receive the perfect fit in their perfect dress at a significant savings.
  • We are under no obligation to provide this amenity and you are under no obligation to accept.  
    Again, this is a complimentary service we provide at our own expense for your benefit. If our terms and guidelines are inconvenient, you are welcome to have your dress or gown altered elsewhere. In certain situations, such as being a non-Oklahoma resident, it may be best for you to have your alterations completed locally.
  • Our complimentary alterations are only offered on regular priced wedding gowns and prom dresses.  
  • We do not offer alterations on any sale gowns or dresses.
  • We do not offer alterations, complimentary or otherwise, on bridesmaid dresses.  
    Bridesmaid parties often involve many bridesmaids living in different areas, with different expectations, and very different schedules. The coordination of these differences is simply beyond our current capability. We sincerely believe our bridesmaids are better served having their alterations completed locally on their own specific schedules. This policy is effective May 1st, 2014 but is by no means permanent. We are exploring partnerships and solutions to provide the best possible experience for our bridesmaids.
  • We reserve the right to make exceptions to this policy.  
  • In particular, we may occasionally offer discounts to clients foregoing our complimentary alterations to reduce our seamstress' workload.

  • Our Services

  • While our complimentary alterations cover most, we do not cover restyling or added materials.  
  • Any alteration that changes the dress from its original design and appearance is a restyle.
  • Adding any additional material not original to the dress is also extra.
  • However, the costs for restyling and additional material are minimal and far below market rate

     Basic Alterations
    Market Rate
    Pomp & Pageantry
    Letting Out or Taking In (under 2") $50-$150 $0
    Hem $100-200 $0
    Bustle (per loop) $25-$50 $0
    Adjusting Straps $25-$50 $0
    Total: $250-$450 $0
    Restyling & Added Material Market Rate Pomp & Pageantry
    Adding a Corset Back $50-$100 $40-$60
    Adding Straps $50-$75 $20-$50
    Cutting a Slit $50-$75 $30-$40
    Adding a Panel $50-$75 $20-$40
    Taking up or in more than 4" $100-$200 $20-$40
    Restyling Neckline $100-$200 $20-$40
    Adding Cups $20-$40 $15
  • *The prices listed above are for bridal gowns. Prices for formal gowns may be much less.

    Appointments and Schedule

  • We require 4 weeks to complete bridal alterations and 2 weeks for formal alterations or rush fees may apply.  
  • There is a rush charge of $40 for bridal or $20 for formal alterations under those time frames.
  • Alterations cannot be performed until the dress is paid in full.
  • Alterations fittings are only available Monday thru Friday from 3:00pm-5:00pm.  
  • During peak seasons, alterations fittings may be available until 6:00pm or later.
  • There is a $20 charge for fittings on Saturday.
  • Our seamstresses do not work on Saturday, but may come in to assist you at their own discretion and fee.
  • Most boutiques do not offer alterations fittings 5 days a week and even fewer offer Saturday fittings under any terms.
  • Restrictions

  • We are not responsible for fluctuations in weight or size between fittings.  
  • The process from purchase through various fittings may last several months. Fluctuations in weight and size are not unusual. This is especially true if that period extends over the holidays or if the client is younger and still experiencing changes in growth. We often have brides who fail to meet diet goals or are overly successful.
  • At the time of your first fitting and every subsequent fitting, we will take your measurements.
  • We do not alter your dress to these measurements. These measurements are for our records.
  • In the event a size fluctuation that results in another fitting or extra work there may be an additional charge.
  • Our seamstresses our trained to provide the perfect fit for the duration of your event. We are not responsible for any damage or discomfort if the advice of our seamstress is ignored and overruled.  
  • Clients often insist on a fit that is impractical for an event involving sitting, dancing, etc.
  • Terms such as "tight" or "loose" are very subjective terms. They are often requested without regard to practicality or comfort.
  • After you have been pinned, we will take a fitted measurement.
  • We do not alter your dress to these measurements. These measurements are for our records.
  • You are responsible for bringing the appropriate shoes for your alterations fittings.  
  • Your dress will be marked and/or cut to your chosen heel height.
  • If needed, you may borrow a pair from us but you are still responsible for that selection.
  • A measurement of your chosen heel height will be taken at your fitting.
  • We will make every effort to contact you with the information you provide but you are ultimately responsible for contacting us to schedule or cancel an appointment or for any other inquiries.  
  • Please leave us more than one method of contacting you.
  • All too often we've called and called with no reply, only to have clients claim there was no call.
  • We keep records of every phone call made to a client, including topic, and we match them with our phone records.
  • Please leave us more than one method of contacting you.
  • Our offer of complimentary alterations expires the day of your event as first noted.  
  • If your event is canceled or delayed or any other reason, we will not alter your dress or gown after the date for your event has passed
  • If you chose to push back your event, we will only honor that initial date.
  • We schedule our seamstresses according to the projected workload from recent purchases. Clients bringing gowns and dresses from years or several years past will cause delays and scheduling conflicts for other clients
  • Guarantees

    While we guarantee the quality of our gowns and the quality of our work, alterations are considered complete after leaving the store. We strongly recommend trying on your dress before leaving the store. We also recommend picking up your dress Monday through Friday before 6pm. If you require a final adjustment, a seamstress will be able to quickly make any changes.

    We are not responsible for any wear and tear that may occur.

    There are NO refunds, NO store credit, and NO exchanges on altered dresses.

    We apologize if the schedule and terms seem prohibitive, but please keep in mind few bridal boutiques offer alterations from an in-house seamstress or offer appointments 5 days a week much less a Saturday option under any terms. Even fewer offer them as a complimentary amenity. Clients who are willing to work with us under these terms are rewarded with substantial savings and a perfect fit.